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A2i Innovation Lab or iLab seeks, incubates and accelerates innovations to tackle large problems of society by leveraging technology, particularly electro-mechanical devices, Internet of Things and renewable energy. iLab reaches out to individual innovators, students and startups through innovation and challenge competitions. Promising innovators receive seed funding from an Innovation Fund, access to a Maker Lab set up by iLab, and mentorship by experts from the industry and academia. The incubation process comes with guidance to the young innovators to turn a prototype into a practical and viable solution. Innovators are further supported through copyright and patent filing to protect intellectual property of the innovators.

iLab has established partnerships with all 137 public and private universities in Bangladesh and is gradually engaging the brightest minds in faculty and Students in solving difficult problems faced by society today. It is expanding its pool of industry researchers who are acting as mentors in several projects.

iLab is a joint initiative of the Aspire to innovate (a2i) programme, ICT Division, Cabinet division, UNDP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Bangladesh.


a2i Innovation lab works to solve society’s big problems by involving youth through emerging technologies.

Research and development (R&D)

Research and Development (R&D) is involved with all activities of the a2i Innovation Lab. R&D activities are conducted under the overall supervision of a2i Innovation

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Innovation Hub (i-Hub)

Innovation Hub is a platform comprised of teachers, students, researchers from universities, colleges and equivalent educational institutions and research institutes and which has been established

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Contract Research (CR)

a2i Innovation Lab has a huge solvers network comprised of innovators, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and creative youths as well as own technical team

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Challenge Fund (CF)

The Challenge Fund is a competition organized by a2i Innovation Lab and related organizations to solve one or more national problems. a2i Innovation Lab and

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Innov-A-Thon is a competition organized annually by the Innovation Lab, where everyone participates in creating prototypes for various projects. In order to participate in this

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a2i Innovation Fund (AIF)

An effective innovative idea can transform a society. Maybe the fate of millions of people will change through the implementation of your innovative idea. Sufferings

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Low cost Multimedia classroom

This is a challenge of 21st century to provide education service in rural Bangladesh. Although the government has taken initiative to set up multimedia classrooms

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Portable infant incubator

In Bangladesh, 439,000 infants are born too early every year and 26,100 youngsters under five die due to direct preterm intricacies. Anwar Hossain has built

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Centralized Nebulizer System

With the existing nebulizer technology, only one patient can be treated at once using single nebulizer machine. The centralized nebulizer provides a technology to provide

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