Innov-a-thon is a competition organized annually by Innovation Lab, where everyone participates by creating prototypes of various projects. Read More

Innovation HUB

A platform consisting of teachers, students, researchers, which have been formed in the overall supervision of Innovation Lab to expand the technology research at the university level. Read More

Challenge Fund

Challenge Fund is a special type of competition that is organized on several occasions by Innovan Lab. The main goal of this competition is to solve the national public issues. Read More

Prototype and Product Development

Prototype and product development activities are the major part of the regular program of Innovation Lab. Various types of prototype development, design, testing are carried out throughout the year. Read More

How to get involved with the Innovation Lab?

A good innovative idea can change a society.Your project may change the fate of millions of people.If you have any ideas that modernize traditional system, speed up services, reducing costs and time, you can submit your Idea under the Service Innovation Fund at Idea Bank.। If you are already working on a project's prototype, you can take part in Innov-A-thon .By participating in the Challenge Fund competition, you can be involved in solving national problems. If you are a teacher or a student of any University in Bangladesh can join research activities of the Innovation Lab by getting involved with the Innovation Hub . As a representative of technology based service or product manufacturing company, traders, researchers, system designers of Bangladeshi products can be associated with the activities of Innovation Lab.

Our Projects

Reusing plastic for producing Fuel

Polythene is a major problem around the world. Since polythene is not perishable, it has a serious adverse effect on the environment. If polythene can

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Low-cost Educational Aid (Audio visual device) for classroom in off-grid areas of Bangladesh

This is a challenge of 21st century to provide education service in rural Bangladesh. Although the government has taken initiative to set up multimedia classrooms

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Accessible Dictionary

Production of accessible reading materials for the students with print disability of class VI-Class-X through DAISY standard According to the WHO finding, 15% people are

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