Innov-A-Thon is a competition organized annually by Innovation Lab, where everyone participates by creating prototypes of various projects. In order to participate in this competition, the participant must develop a visible prototype that solves a national problem or transforms a traditional system into a digital version that is faster than before with low cost maintainers.


Innov-a-Thon begins with a digital innovation fair held in 64 districts every year.

Generally, registration process of Innov-A-Thon started 1 month before the fair began. The registration process is to be completed online. It is necessary to provide some information about how to solve a problem through a prototype. If there is a document related to prototype / problem or solution, there is a possibility to upload documents. Participation can take part either individually or in the group.

The whole process of Innov-a-Thon is done in three steps. Initially, prototypes have to be displayed in the pavilion for the Innov-a-Thon, in the digital innovation fair. After being elected from the district level, to participate in the divisional round again, the award, honor and certificates are then given to be finally elected at the national level.

The projects selected at the national level are prepared and co-ordinated by A2I Innovation Lab and prepared for the purpose of solving national problems and ensuring citizen service

In the last two years, the name of the competition was Solve-a-Thon. From the year 2018 the name Innov-A –Thon started on the place of Solve-A-Thon on behalf of A2I Innovation Lab in a larger scale. In order to participate in the Inno-a-Thon competition, you must submit the details of the prototype by registering on the A2I Innovation Lab web site.