Centralized Nebulizer System

With the existing nebulizer technology, only one patient can be treated at once using single nebulizer machine. The centralized nebulizer provides a technology to provide nebulization to many people at a time. This also helps the hospitals to have a single machine running for the nebulizer process rather than looking after several machines. The centralized nebulizer also helps the patients to be treated together, thus, an emergency patient need not wait for its turn to take the medical services. This in return is a cost effective and efficient method of providing the service in hospitals, especially in emergency cases. The centralized nebulizer can also provide its services for a certain period of time without electricity. It has a reserve chamber and can provide nebulization until the reserve is emptied and power supply is back on. Such methods are mostly helpful in emergency situations like flooding or other disasters when providing electricity is difficult. This is also very helpful in rural areas where electricity supply is not in abundance and emergency patients can be served even in case of a power failure.

Given the current air pollution in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, number of asthma and respiratory related patients are increasing in number. With lack of sufficient equipment to serving nebulizer to each patient individually, central nebulizer is a better alternative. This helps all patients in a hospital to avail the service of nebulizer simultaneously. The input for the nebulizer to be supplied is also environment friendly as it requires filtering natural air, which in turn is also cost effective than buying individual nebulizer machine.

One bright innovator Anwar Hossain with his two enthusiastic team member Dipak Kumar Shil and Md Sohel Rana of “Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute invented the “Centralized Nebulizer System” project. As Anwar Hossain who was working in “Islamic Hospital Rajshahi” as a technical support person got the chance to closely observe the problem of nebulization in that hospital. Sometime there was long que and patient need to wait longtime so that they can take nebulization as a single machine can provide nebulization to a single person at a time. This problem became more acute when emergency patients are not getting nebulization support properly because of shortage of nebulizer machine. So from the thirst of doing something for the patient he with his team invent this amazing device. The project won the 3rd position in the Solve-A-Than 2016 Competition, when it was just a simple prototype. Later on under the overall supervision of A2i Innovation Lab the project was created to provide public service Piloting of the project completed in National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital at emergency department of the hospital. Currently this “Centralized Nebulizer System” can provide services 6 patients at a time and the system has the ability to provide 30 patients at the same time. Very recently this project achieved an international gold award ITEX 2018 Malaysia. This is an international recognition for the project. On October 17,2017 by our Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Mohammad Nasim, MP in the National Chest Institute and Hospital, the “Centralized Nebulizer System” was inaugurated.