Oxygen Concentrator

We all know 2020 – an extraordinary year in living human history – that challenged mankind with an unprecedented terrible Pandemic apparently poised to wipe out the entire mankind and all its achievements, if not repelled more aggressively and steadfastly. Mankind also demonstrated that it does not retreat, rather moves forward aggressively and with determination, creativity, transformation, and innovation, when struck by the colossal natural calamity. Technology allowed us to continue our work unabated with firm determination and achieve our objectives, which were no way less than the normal time. We have discovered and been adorned with the confidence of greater ability of ourselves than ever before. Supply of medical oxygen to public hospitals is under strain as the demand for the life-sustaining gas has increased multiple times over last few weeks, posing new challenges in the battle against the second wave of the coronavirus infections. The main problem is that medical oxygen is not reaching hospital beds in time. This delay can be attributed to the location of the production units combined with a stretched distribution network. To mitigate these issues, a2i has accumulated local innovators and local technology to start the Oxygen Concentrator project. Through the oxygen concentrator, a2i was able to curb the many challenges faced by patients during the Covid19 pandemic and ease the facilitation of these patients towards a speedy recovery.