PNPK test kit

PNPK test kit is a rapid test kit for Soil/mud, which detects PH, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) level from mud solution instantly. PNPK could help farmers to predict precise fertilizer requirements. Currently the farmers of Bangladesh use an estimation on the amount of fertilizer needed when it comes to growing crops. They don’t know that the soil needs to be conditioned with a certain level of balanced elements for growing maximum number of crops. Our rapid soil testing kit uses the sample soil solution and analyzes the sample instantly and indicates the level of pH, Sodium, Phosphorous, & Potassium in reference to color code provided on the device. Our system also has an accompanying android app that analyzes the kit with mobile camera and based on the analyzed results, provides fertilizer recommendations to obtain optimal level of soil elements.