A2i Innovation Lab – A Lab, where the Young Innovators dream come true

A2i Innovation Lab or iLab seeks, incubates and accelerates innovations to tackle large problems of society by leveraging technology, particularly electro-mechanical devices, Internet of Things and renewable energy. iLab reaches out to individual innovators, students and startups through innovation and challenge competitions. Promising innovators receive seed funding from an Innovation Fund, access to a Maker Lab set up by iLab, and mentorship by experts from the industry and academia. The incubation process comes with guidance to the young innovators to turn a prototype into a practical and viable solution. Innovators are further supported through copyright and patent filing to protect intellectual property of the innovators.

iLab has established partnerships with all 137 public and private universities in Bangladesh and is gradually engaging the brightest minds in faculty and Students in solving difficult problems faced by society today. It is expanding its pool of industry researchers who are acting as mentors in several projects.

iLab is a joint initiative of the Aspire to innovate (a2i) programme, ICT Division, Cabinet division, UNDP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Bangladesh.