Innovation Hub (i-Hub)

Innovation Hub is a platform comprised of teachers, students, researchers from universities, colleges and equivalent educational institutions and research institutes and which has been established to expand technology research and innovation activities to the educational institutions under the overall supervision of a2i Innovation Lab (i-Lab). Already 138 Innovation Hubs has been officially started in 138 universities. Initiatives are underway to establish Innovation Hubs at Polytechnic Institutes, colleges and similar educational institutions and research institutes.

Each  Innovation Hub has an Advisory Panel, a Mentor Panel and an Executive Panel. The internal activities of the Innovation Hub are conducted  by the panels at that institution. A focal person and an assistant focal person manage all kinds of communication with the a2i Innovation Lab on behalf of the institution. Students can register as Innovation Hub Member by going to the registration option to the portal.

Innovation Hub members can participate in various competitions, workshops, seminars, conferences organized by a2i Innovation Lab. They can also contribute to solve national problems under the supervision of the Innovation Lab. By being selected in various competitions Innovation Hub members have the opportunity to receive certificate, honour, financial support and mentoring for implementing the project at the national level.