Emergency Portable Infant Incubator

In Bangladesh, 439,000 infants are born too early every year and 26,100 youngsters under five die due to direct preterm intricacies. Anwar Hossain has built up a special and moderate answer for conveying untimely infants over long separations while giving the most fundamental administrations of an advanced incubator.

This incubator is a very significant machine, where specific medicinal offices for babies are lacking and in a few places even truant. In this way, premature infants may face death. Such an intercession would be useful to give an instrument which enables the baby to be exchanged to healing facilities, while as yet being in the incubator profiting the offices that the newborn child would have at the clinic. This could diminish significant issues like newborn child mortality and kid a work in progress in later years.

The main objective of the invention is to transport infants from rural areas to better hospitals for better medical services, especially in a medical emergency case. The incubator also comes with other purposes like providing greener solution by using solar powered batteries to run the heat sink.

Infants are very delicate and vulnerable and cannot be easily transported just like adults. The existing incubators are a centralized process where a single heating and ventilation process provides the infants with required care. The problem addressed by the innovators of Hand Carrying Infant Incubators is how to move an infant long distances while providing the services of an incubator when needed to be carried. The solution was to create a portable incubator that serves each individual separately. The air flowing in is heated by heat sink and can be inhaled by the infant. The exhaled air is vented out. This lets the incubator have a constant flow of air within the incubator chamber and the temperature to be regulated.

Making the incubator portable requires supply of power from a source not connected to the main circuits. Thus, the use of battery is inevitable in the product presented. Charging the battery can be an issue, so the model is produced considering solar powered batteries, which can charge itself while traveling. The battery can run for 2 hours once fully charged. If further distance needs to be traveled, the battery can be easily charged by exposing to the sunlight.

When not carried, the portable incubator provides the feature if addressing each infants individually. This can be helpful in hospitals. The individual incubators serve the purpose of providing separate temperature controls for different infants, as per the requirement.

The importance of the incubator lies in countries like Bangladesh. Similar countries have very poor medical facilities in the majority part of the country. Providing all the required health measures in rural areas is not always possible. Thus, this either causes the infant not to develop properly and in worse cases, death. Such inventions would be helpful to provide a mechanism with which the infants can be transferred to hospitals while still being in the incubator availing the facilities that the infant would have got at the hospital. This could help serve severe issues like infant mortality and development of infants for proper growth in the years ahead. Recently this project got an international award from ITEX 2018 Malaysia which help this device to recognized at international level with the open doors of lots of new opportunities.